U-47700 8 grams

(14 customer reviews)


Not for human consumption


Purity: 99.99%min

CAS No: 82657-23-6

Appearance: a neat solid

The U-47700 has been manufactured and tested to meet ISO17025:2005 and Guide 34:2009 guidelines.

14 reviews for U-47700 8 grams

  1. J. Hall

    This is by far the best price I’ve found.

  2. James Womack

    They also spent a very short time in the delivery, arriving sooner than expected.

  3. Peter Olufson

    Excellent product, an entire party can enjoy.

  4. K. Smith

    What can I say, this was an incredible price and will continue to buy.

  5. Leo Brossollet

    AMAZING!! MY FAVORITE FLAVOR- so much more safer and the price is perfect! Will be a item will buy from again and again!!

  6. Sunny S. Ramage

    I like this and will likely get more.

  7. Lyndon Coggin

    I make the best tirp I have ever had! Thank you magic durg!!!

  8. William B.

    Yes, this drug is unbeatable, but I’m giving this a four star instead of a five star strictly because of payment issues for my first order.

  9. Teresa Maria

    Packaged well, excellent price ! Will continue to order

  10. Joelynn

    Great value! Will buy more.

  11. Susie Q

    This is my first time order the U47700, I am satisfied with them.

  12. Richard M Failla

    Packaged well, excellent price ! Will continue to order

  13. Joseph

    This u-47700 and u-51754 continues to impress me with there quality and price point.

  14. Kevin

    Who doesn’t love U47700

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